Continuous / Persistant type counters need an end value:

[jellyfish_counter timestamp="2016-01-01 00:00:00" start=1000000 interval=2.5 digits=8 end=99999999]



23 meals a second

When using a start value and a tick multiplier you must divide the number you want the counter to start at by the tick multiplier to get the actual start value for the counter. e.g.

31531660 / 23 = 13501376.52173913 (start / tick_multiplier)

[jellyfish_counter start=13501376.52173913 end=9999999999 format="000,000,000" direction="up" digits=10 digit_height=30 bustedness=0 digit_style="font-family:Verdana; background: transparent; color:#ff6633;" flat=true timestamp="2016-04-20 20:40:00" tick_multiplier=23 interval=1 ]